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The Show Is SOLD OUT except Car Corral

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or Email Bob a photo of your car at bashton426@gmail.com. All Judging has been closed for 2021.

NOTE TO NON JUDGED ENTRY PARTICIPANTS: We assign Judges specifically by car make and model (and need hire the appropriate number of judges and to purchase the appropriate number of awards and certificates). It is very important that we have enough marque specific Judges on our team for all judged cars and awards and certificates.

Orders for judging must be placed by Oct 1, 2021. You are already eligible to win a Pick Award.



Please note; it is not possible to add on

judging at the show. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you are not sure what type of entry you should choose read the descriptions below.


When you apply, you will choose between the following SIX types of entries...

Concours Stock Judged Vehicles: Vehicles are judged on a 1,000 point scale with deductions taken for any deviations from how the vehicle left the assembly line.

Concours Day 2 Judged Vehicles: Vehicles are judged on a 1,000 point scale with no deductions taken for period correct accessories and modifications, including era correct drive-train and wheel and/or tire swaps.  Note: deviations from stock must be deemed “period correct.”

Super Street: Modified/Custom/Fit & Finish Judged Vehicles: Vehicles are judged on a 1,000 point scale with no deductions for deviations from stock. Overall attention to cleanliness and detail inside and outside along with panel fit and finish is considered. This category may also be suitable for driven factory stock cars that are not freshly restored or matching numbers.

Non Judged/Pick Award Eligible Vehicles: Vehicles are not judged on a point system, but will be considered for a variety of “Pick” Awards, including Celebrity, Sponsor, and Club Choice Awards.


Triple Diamond Judging: Triple Diamond judging is for the country’s finest restored and original Corvettes only. Applicants must first provide proof of achieving N.C.R.S. Top Flight ® or 4 or 5 Star Bowtie® and Bloomington Gold Certification®  or Bloomington Gold Survivor® within the past five years. Full vehicle identification number must also be provided with registration. Classes are limited and we recommend registering ASAP to assure a spot.

Vintage Certification: Vintage Certification focuses on the unrestored vehicle, and includes American brands. This program provides status, recognition, provenance and appreciation to unrestored vehicles. The certification team provides each owner with a detailed listing of our findings in a comprehensive report. Our goal is to uncover new information, share it with you and act as a repository for factory standards and processes. 

For More information see https://www.mcacn.com/vintage-certification

Pinnacle Certification: Reserved for the absolute best of the best in the Shelby and Ford Mustang world. All applicants must first earn MCA (Mustang Club of America) Gold status and SAAC (Shelby American Automobile Club) gold status. This intense judging process is done by certified Shelby and Mustang authorities, led by Bob Perkins and Rick Campbell. Cars will be inspected inside, outside and underneath on a lift with all numbers and date codes inspected and verified. Lifts are provided by MCACN Official Lift Company Titan Lifts. Certifications may be awarded in several levels.

Elite Judging- Coming SOON! For the absolute "Best of the Best" restored to original OEM Stock, 60's and 70's Muscle Cars


If you need assistance deciding which type of entry would be best for you, email Bob at bashton426@gmail.com

*All Judging must be pre-paid and ordered by Oct 1 2021

Due to overwhelming demand for judging, prices will increase incrementally as we get closer to the show and Quantity Limits will be applied to classes.

And 2 Ways to Sell Your Collector Car

VIP Special Collection Space: A limited amount of space will be allocated for a very special “V.I.P. Special Collection”. These vehicles must apply with a minimum of two photos and be approved. Located in the Center Hall "B”, this area offers a  high amount of foot traffic. Cars will be protected by show supplied stanchions and red drape. This area will be staffed by a Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals Hostess who will be on hand to direct potential buyers to you or your business. A maximum of twenty cars will be accepted for this area at a rate of $250 per car with no additional commissions or fees. This includes two exhibitor passes per car space rented.


Car For Sale Space: This designated area will be at the rear of Hall “A” and will showcase 50-60 vehicles offered for sale. Rate per car for this section is $150.00 with no additional commissions or fees. This will include one multi-day exhibitors pass per car space rented. 

Please Note: Move-in for this area will be Saturday morning only from 7am – 8:30am.


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Vintage Muscle Bikes

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***Please note: We require all potential exhibitors to submit a

completed application with photos of the vehicle.


Also***  In the interest of presenting a muscle car show focusing primarily on 60's and 70's Muscle, the number of vehicles shown that were manufactured from 1980 to present will be limited in number by make and model. A quota will be set for each group. Check with Bob at bashton426@gmail.com if your vehicle is dated 1980 and newer to determine if the quota has been met for your make and model, Thanks!

*All Judging must be pre-paid and ordered by Oct 1, 2021

No Refund for Registration Cancellations

Made after Oct 15 2021 for 2021 Show.