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The Legends Concours Class is the premier judging program for 67-81 Restored Camaros.  Internationally recognized, the Legends Class sets the bar for “assembly-line correct” restorations, using an objective 5,000 point scale with bonus points available for specific NOS items and original documentation.  All Legends entries must be pre-qualified, either through the Bowtie Class, MCACN Concours (scoring 975 & above) or by having a current Legends judge personally evaluate and accept the car.   Awards are tiered from Bronze to Platinum

In order to place, cars must achieve a minimum score of 83.0%, (4,150 points):

Bronze:     83.0% – 87.99%
Silver:       88.0% – 94.99%
Gold:        95.0% – 97.99%
Platinum: 98.0% or above

This program is limited to 3 cars and typically fills up quickly.  Participants
MUST complete and submit the required pre-qualification form along with
the requisite photos of the exterior, interior, engine bay and firewall trim
tag in order to be considered for acceptance into the class.

For questions specifically about Legends Judging, including questions about
Pre-Registration Forms, First Generation email Brad McAdam, at: for Second Generation email Steve Nuwer at:
Ready to register? Register On-Line by clicking here

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