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The Triple Diamond Gallery Sponsored by

In the Corvette world, there are several prestigious awards that only an elite group of collectors are able to achieve. The level of commitment it takes to obtain NCRS Top Flight ® or 4 or 5 Star Bowtie® and Bloomington Gold Certification®  or Bloomington Survivor® status is no easy task.

     We at Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals are here to offer another opportunity for the elite group who have made the commitment to restore and show the very best reference level Corvettes. For those who have achieved the NCRS Top Flight ® or NCRS 4 or 5 Star Bowtie® and Bloomington Gold Certification®  or Bloomington Survivor® status we offer what many consider the ultimate achievement:  The Triple Diamond Award.

Knowing that the credibility of any award is only as good as what is behind it, we have assembled a team of experienced Judges that have literally hundreds of years of combined experience in the Corvette hobby. The Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals judging team is led by Judging Chairman Bill Braun, who has served as the Judging Chairman for Chicago's Chevy Vettefest for 30 years. Mr. Braun is an active collector who currently owns several of the country's finest restored Corvettes, and he is also the current Region V Director for NCRS a position he has held for over six years and past ILNCRS President. The rest of our Triple Diamond judging team consists of Corvette enthusiasts who are currently involved with the Bloomington Gold show and many are active members for the National Corvette Restorers Society. Many serve as members of the judging staff for these prestigious events also. Our Judging team members combine years of hands-on experience researching, restoring and enjoying their own Corvettes. Their knowledge is based on this experience and a true passion for the Corvette.

     To properly judge Corvettes, it takes years of research and a willingness to study build techniques and reference material. Our team members have made this commitment to our show and to the hobby. We are honored to have the hobbies finest, most respected, and acknowledged authorities as members of the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals judging team. Mr. Braun and our judges are ready and anxious to discuss our judging criteria and address any questions you may have pertaining to our requirements and procedures.


Bill Braun can be reached via e-mail at


*Triple Diamond Winners will receive a beautiful etched Triple Diamond Award and Triple Diamond Certificate with your paid registration and judging score of 950 or higher,  and can also purchase a Gold Concours Award and Gold Concours Certificate for an optional additional fee. Email for details.


**DISCLAIMER: Although the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals LLC requests copies of the NCRS Top Flight Award ® or NCRS 4 or 5 Star Bowtie Certificate® and Bloomington Gold Certification ® or Bloomington Gold Survivor Certification® as pre-requisites for Triple Diamond Judging, MCACN makes no guarantee of the authenticity of  those awards. Confirmation of NCRS®  and Bloomington Gold Certification® status can be confirmed by contacting NCRS ® and/or Bloomington Gold ® respectively.

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