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Day 2 Concours

Day 2 aka Period Correct Concours

Judging at MCACN


For the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, we are setting the standard by recognizing Concours quality authentic Day 2 automobiles and offering proper Concours standard judging, geared specifically toward these historical cars.


     Back in the day, people purchased Muscle Cars for the speed and for the image. Right off the showroom floor, these cars were indeed exciting, but if a little is good, more is better! Soooo…many owners modified their cars as money and time permitted. Some fortunate owners had a dealership nearby, such as Nickey Chevrolet, Grand Spaulding Dodge, Gibb Chevrolet, Yenko Chevrolet, Royal Pontiac, Dana Chevrolet, Baldwin-Motion or others, who were willing and able to modify cars right in their service department. Many people would also perform modifications themselves within days of purchase. These cars are known as Day 2 cars. With the popularity of these authentic and period correct cars, this is clearly one of the most popular and fastest growing aspects of the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals show. We encourage owners to share these significant examples with our spectators and participants.


       WHAT IS A DAY 2 CAR at MCACN? A DEFINITION     A Day 2 car has been modified using ONLY period correct parts and techniques. Examples would include vintage aftermarket wheels, tires, headers, glass pack mufflers, air shocks, traction bars, scatter shields, guages, steering wheel, valve covers, air cleaners, intake, carb(s), distributor, plug wires, speed part decals, custom paint, and/or custom interiors, and also date correct engine swaps. Chrome plating of parts may also be part of the look.




How do I know what the judges are looking for?    At MCACN, a car in a Day 2 class should be a Concours level restoration or an unrestored example, and any parts that deviate from "assembly line correct" should be "period correct" aftermarket parts, (NOT currently available versions of old speed parts).


Are there a minimum number of modifications needed to qualify for Day 2 Concours judging?  Yes, a minimum of 3, (three) period correct modifications must be present to qualify.


Are there a maximum number of modifications allowed?  No, as long as all modifications and parts are period correct.


Where can I get ideas?  Browse through old car magazines, published during the year your car was produced, or go online. Start with Day 2 Speed Shop. Feel free to e-mail us with any questions or concerns you may have that may be specific to your car.


What about paint/color change?  A period correct color change may be accepted, but be sure that all decals, graphics etc. are period correct (available within 3 years of vehicle production)


What is NOT Day 2?  An "easy way out" restoration, with missing (and potentially expensive) components replaced with a call to Summit or Jegs. A car with modifications that are not consistent with parts, colors, etc. available within three years of vehicle production. This is not a class for clones or tributes. VIN must match car being presented. No car will be judged in a Day 2 Class with a replacement or questionable VIN plate. If the judges have any question at all about the authenticity of an automobile, the car will not be judged as a Day 2 and no refund will be issued.


Confused or have more questions?  E-mail our Day 2 Concours Team Leader, Dru Diesner, at  Dru is available to assist you, and to aid in our goal to continue to make MCACN The Premier Show!!


Feedback/suggestions;  The MCACN team always welcomes feedback and suggestions. Feel free to contact Dru Diesner at or MCACN Managing Member, Bob Ashton at for direct responses.

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