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COVID 19 Coronavirus Update 

Oct 8, 2021

Contact: Bob Ashton

2021 MCACN Health Protocols


 The Donald E Stephens Convention Center has taken steps to decrease the spread of disease 

  • Increasing sanitation and disinfecting, especially in high traffic and frequently touched areas, including washrooms, handrails, doors and doorknobs.

  • Placing hand sanitizer stations in busy areas throughout the Convention Center.

  • Using stronger disinfecting solution

  • Training personnel to identify and prevent the transmission of diseases including Coronavirus

  •  Maintain close contact and compliance with authorities including the Cook County Health Department, the Illinois Department of Public Health and the CDC,  for the most recent updates and recommendations.

Health updates as they unfold:

Governor Pritzker May End Mask Mandate Soon


Masks mandated for all public indoor gatherings in

the State of Illinois 

MCACN Health Protocols: Know what to expect while at the show:

  • As of 8/23/2021 All persons regardless of vaccination status (with a few exceptions) are required to wear masks at all indoor public venues. Please plan to bring mask/masks to wear for the duration of your visit. If the mask mandate is rescinded prior to the show, we will let you know, but having a mask on hand will insure you are covered either way. UPDATE:  10 /13/2021, Governor Pritzker may end mask mandate in Illinois soon.   If the mask mandate is ended, MCACN will not require masks to be worn at the show. However, we will recommend it. 

  • We ask that you practice personal hygiene including hand washing and make use of sanitizing stations often.

  • We ask you to practice social distancing to the best of your ability while in the Convention Center. Avoid handshakes and hugs, use elbow bumps as an alternate greeting.

  • We ask that you not attend the MCACN show for 2021 if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness including fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea etc.

  • We ask that you do not attend MCACN 2021 if you were exposed to a Covid positive person within the past 14 days of the show or if you are under a self quarantine order.

  • We ask that you comply with all local, state and federal mandates at the time of the show. 

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