MCACN Invitational & Special Displays

Ford & Mercury Total Performance Invitational Display Sponsored by The Brothers Collection

 Featuring the hottest offerings from Ford and Mercury including the Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet Mustangs, Cougar Eliminators and prime Shelby's.  This very special gathering of the absolute best of the best will include four Premier Unveilings, including two Boss 429 Mustangs with extensive Drag Race history and two prime Mercury’s. Presented by The Brothers Collection

We are honored to host the final stop in a four show tour celebrating the 50th Anniversary of these mid-year offerings. The 1969.5 A12 Plymouth Roadrunners and Dodge Super Bees were among the most outrageous offerings ever to come out of Detroit. With the triple carb 440-6 pack/barrel engines to the pinned-on lift-off fiberglass hoods and black steel wheels, sans hubcaps, they demand respect. We are gearing up to host the largest gathering ever under one roof of the A12 cars, including restored, unrestored, stock and race. Sponsored by Carlisle Events

A Tribute To Vietnam Veterans Invitational Display

This November we will be hosting a very special display honoring those who served in the Vietnam war, along with those who would like to honor these Veterans by showing cars that have related history.Special Thanks to Greg Owen.

We are proud to host our Vintage Certification Program for un-restored, original Muscle Cars and Corvettes. This program is designed to encourage owners to maintain their cars in original un-restored condition, as they left the factory. "Preservation, not Restoration" is the theme. Learn all about this outstanding program by clicking here: 

Lifts provided by Titan Lifts.  Sponsored by American Performance LLC

Pontiac Ram Air GTO Invitational, Hosted by Jim Mattison

This very special display will present the history of what many consider the hottest performance drive-trains ever offered for the GTO. These round-port terrors tore up the streets and the tracks from 1965-1972, and you will see prime examples from each year that they were offered.

This year we spotlight the wide variety of engines that were offered in 1969 for the Corvette. Everything from the mild-mannered to the truly outrageous, Chevrolet offered them all! Imagine stepping into your local dealership and checking the box for an aluminum head big block 427 or maybe even an aluminum block 427! We are gearing up to host prime examples of one of each of the different engine offerings, from the 350 small-block with 300 horsepower all the way up to the triple carb 427’s with 435 horsepower. And let’s not forget the race spec L88’s and ZL1! Did you know that in ’69, when you factor in the transmission offerings, there were fifteen different drivetrain combinations offered? Sponsored by Corvette Mike and Corvette Mike Midwest

Featuring a historic walk through time with the country's finest restored and original Corvettes that have already achieved National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) Top Flight AND Bloomington Gold status. Owners will compete for the coveted Triple Diamond award and certification, considered one of the industries most prestigious. Entrants will be joining us from across the country and Canada. Sponsored by Corvette Central 

1969 Buick G.S. Special Display, Hosted by Ajesh Parikh.

Once again, we present a “Display within the Display” for our 50th Anniversary area. Last year Ajesh assembled a stellar group of Buick GSX’s, and this year he is coordinating this gathering devoted to the top dog ’69 Buick G.S. models. Think about it…when was the last time you saw a prime ’69 G.S.? This year you will see an entire row of them at MCACN.

There is no doubt that 1969 was an incredible year for massively overpowered American Muscle Cars. Join us to see the hottest performance offerings from the Big Three and AMC as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the 1969 model year. You will see GTO Judges, prime Camaro’s and Chevelles, including several COPO’s, wild Mopars, W-30 Oldsmobiles, the earliest Trans Ams, Mach I’s and Torino’s and many others. It wasn’t all about Vietnam and Woodstock, as you’ll see in this incredible gathering. Sponsored by NCM Insurance

Post Sedan Invitational, Hosted by Dan Vasic

Although most of us recognize the Hemi’s and the LS6’s, there are others that lean toward the purpose-built bare bones offerings. This display will spotlight the basic Post Body Sedan Chevelles equipped with big block engines under the hoods. Never intended to be fancy and often referred to as “entry level”, these cars were built to be basic, plain and fast. Join us to learn why these cars, once undesirable in the Muscle Car world, are fast becoming among the most coveted.

Studebaker Legends Hosted by Ed George and the Studebaker Museum

With the huge success of our initial Studebaker Legends Invitational display and last years follow up featuring the best of the 50's Supercharged Studebakers , Ed George is again hosting a very special group of South Bends hottest. With an emphasis on the 60's supercharged models. This gathering will again raise the bar for the high performance Studebaker enthusiasts, and will certainly raise awareness of the many innovations that started long before what you may have thought.

For 2019 we will be adding another "Show Within a Show" with a special display of Vintage Mini Bikes. You will see Honda Mini Trails and CT70's, Yamaha Mini Enduro's, Ruttman and Rupp Mini Bikes and Others. If you own a Vintage Mini Bike Consider showing it at the 2019 MCACN Show. Sponsored by Koolestuff.

Shelby & Mustang PINNACLE Display and Competition Hosted by Bob Perkins and Rick Campbell

This special gathering will showcase select examples of the country's finest and rarest examples of Mustangs and Shelby’s that have already achieved both MCA Gold and SAAC or Mid America Ford/Shelby Nationals Concours certification. This is an intensive judging program which includes putting these cars on a lift for inspection inside, outside and underneath. We offer the judging in two levels; Division I and Division II. Cars must be pre-approved by Bob Perkins. Lifts provided by Titan Lifts

Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race Display Featuring Real Cars of the PSMCDR Group Hosted by Donnie Brass

.We are pleased to announce the PSMCDR display will return with another all new group of cars. If you think that all the cars at our show are "Trailer Queens" you are in for a big surprise. See twelve of the fastest Muscle Cars that appear exactly as they left the assembly line....but with some rubber on the quarters! These show stoppers are used exactly as they were intended, and each is show ready. AMC, Buick, Chevy, Ford, Mopar, Oldsmobile and Mercury will all be represented.

Nashnutz AMC Invitational Display Hosted by Rich Corsello and Ian Webb

The Nashnutz American group will welcome you to a very special drag race related display. You'll share in viewing rare and outstanding examples of American Motors Muscle Cars, cars with incredible racing heritage and cars of developmental significance. All of this will be presented with a Drag Race Theme of the 60's-70's, complete with memorabilia. The Nashnutz will also be hosting the legendary drag racer Shirley "The Drag-On Lady" Shahan both Saturday and Sunday. 

REAL Day 2 Invitational

Several years ago, we hosted a neat special display featuring REAL Day 2 modified Muscle Cars. It was such a hit, we decided to do it again, with an entirely new group of cars. And when we say Real, we mean cars that were modified back in the day, using real vintage aftermarket and speed shop parts. Several of the cars you’ll see also feature some of the wildest paint jobs you have ever seen. And YES…these are the real thing!

We launched our Barn Find/Hidden Gems display, hosted by The Automotive Archeologist, Ryan Brutt, in 2012. It continues to be a huge hit, with 24 cars and a truck featured in 2016. Featuring "off the map" rare Muscle Cars and Corvettes fresh from the fields and barns, or maybe just packed away for years for one reason or another. Expect to see the rare and unusual in this area, with a whole new group of off the radar cars! Sponsored by Miller Car Care Stock Restorations & Restomods

This "show within a show" will return for your enjoyment. For many of us, it was bicycles that started the fever. A revolution began in June of 1963 with the introduction of the first Schwinn Stingray, and one by one, kids everywhere jumped on the bandwagon. 1968 brought the introduction of the Schwinn Krate bikes, along with Raleigh Choppers out of England, and bike companies everywhere started producing "Muscle bikes", inspired by Drag Racers and the hot cars of the era. Join us in celebrating these cool bikes and relive the memories. Register your Muscle Bike Here- Sponsored by Koolestuff.

Vintage Motocross Special Display, Presented by Jeff Schwartz

We are pleased to present an incredible display of vintage MX motorcycles brought to you by Jeff Schwartz, 2017 Car Craft Pro Builder of the Year and past MCACN Living Legend award recipient. This display will feature “The Dirty Dozen” from various manufacturers including Maico, Bultaco, Yamaha and others. Jeff will again show an entirely different group of bikes this year!


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