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This year our red carpet special display will spotlight the hottest performance offerings from General Motors for the 1970 model year. Think Chevy’s LS6, Pontiac’s Ram Air IV, Oldsmobile’s W30 and Buick’s Stage 1. On the right side you will find the rarest and most desirable convertibles while the left side will feature hardtops. Of course, you’ll also find a LS6 El Camino and a L78 Camaro on the left!

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Class of 1971 NEW!!!

2021 marks the 50th Anniversary of what many consider the "last blast" for the Muscle Car world. It was the last year for the Mopar 426 Hemi, while GM would continue with the Buick Stage 1 and Olds W30. Several small block screamers were offered like the single year Boss 351 and two-year only Demon 340. See a variety of Detroit's finest high performance offerings from a year that would show us the writing was on the wall.


2021 Corvette Triple Diamond Showcase and Competition Sponsored by CORVETTE CENTRAL Hosted by Bill Braun

Featuring a historic walk through time with the country's finest restored and original Corvettes that have already achieved National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) Top Flight AND Bloomington Gold status. Owners will compete for the coveted Triple Diamond award and certification, considered one of the industries most prestigious. Entrants will be joining us from across the country and Canada. Sponsored by Corvette Central 

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1966 and 1967 442 W30 Syndicate Invitational presented and hosted by the Southern Gentlemen of Oldsmobile - Phil Welch and John Kenneally

In the Oldsmobile world, the W30 option represents the peak of performance. What you may not know is that this ultra high performance offering started in 1966. A mere 54 left the Lansing, Michigan Assembly plant in '66 making real documented examples among the rarest and most desirable Oldsmobiles ever made. 1967 saw an increase in production to 503 cars, but even today seeing a real-deal '66 or '67 W30 is a treat. This display will be a first and most likely the largest gathering ever of these rarely seen Oldsmobile Performance cars. Prime factory stock examples will join several historical race machines.  This display is dedicated to the memory of Loyed Woodland who drove the '66 Brainbeau Olds 442 and charged through a 44 car field to capture the 1966 NHRA C/Stock Championship. It was through his efforts that put Oldsmobile officially in drag racing annals.

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Many consider 1970 to be the pinnacle year for American Muscle, and who are we to disagree? We saw the introduction of all new G.M. A-bodies and of course, Firebirds and Camaro’s, Mother Mopar introduced the Challenger and an all new Barracuda and ‘cuda, the Torino and Cyclones saw major updates and the engine choices were over the top. 426 Hemi’s and 44-6 Mopars ruled the road while 450 horsepower LS6’s were readily available. Cobra-Jets and Boss 429’s carried over and the new generation of “insurance beaters” like the W31’s and Rallye 350 from Oldsmobile found loopholes. AMC introduced yet another wild Red, White and Blue screamer dubbed The Machine and Buick made sure everyone knew they were serious with the GSX. Join us as we commemorate what many consider the absolute hottest year for the cars we love.

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BUICK G.S. INVITATIONAL, Hosted by Dr. Ajesh Parikh CARRIED OVER TO 2021

We are known for our “displays within the display” and this year we have a very special gathering of 1970 Buick G.S.’s, with an emphasis on the Stage 1. You will find hardtops and convertibles. This will most likely be the largest gathering of fully documented, very real Stage 1 Buick's ever gathered under one roof, with several "one-off" examples.


DODGE CHALLENGER T/A & PLYMOUTH AAR ‘cuda INVITATIONAL, Presented by The Wellborn Muscle Car Museum- CARRIED OVER TO 2021

We will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of these one-year-only small block screamers with a huge display of the 340-6 pony cars. We would love to host all the available colors, and you will also see several very notable and real vintage race cars.


Ford & Mercury Cobra Jet Invitational

Hosted by Diego Rosenberg and Rob Kinnan

In mid 1968 For introduced the 428 Cobra Jet in very limited numbers for the Mustnag. From there, the Cobra Jet option would carry on as one of the hottest high performance offerings. What many don't know is that the Cobra Jet option was offered in a variety of models. Non Mach 1 Mustangs, various Torino's, Cougars and even low line Post Sedans and the Ranchero could check the box. This display will feature a variety of cars that are truly unexpected. Did you know the Cobra Jet option carried on up to 1974?

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70-71 Evolution NEW!!!

Although the writing was on the wall, 1971 marked yet another pinnacle year for the Muscle Car world. Many models would undergo complete styling makeovers, and this display will place prime examples of 1970's right next to 1971's to spotlight these changes. You will see the transitions for the Charger, the Javelin, the Mustang, the Roadrunner and the Cougar along with several others in this fun and informative display.

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Pontiac Ram Air Firebird Invitational, Hosted by Jim Mattison CARRIED OVER TO 2021

In 2019 Jim Mattison assembled what may be the finest group of Ram Air GTO’s ever gathered under one roof. Chronicling the history, Jim returns this year with the spotlight on the Ram Air Firebirds. You will see the history of one of Pontiac’s hottest offerings with Firebirds from 1967 on up with the highest performance engines under the hoods. Of course, this will include Trans Am's and some unexpected surprises.

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2021 Shelby & Mustang PINNACLE Display and Competition Hosted by Bob Perkins and Rick Campbell

This special gathering will showcase select examples of the country's finest and rarest examples of Mustangs and Shelby’s that have already achieved both MCA Gold and SAAC or Mid America Ford/Shelby Nationals Concours certification. This is an intensive judging program which includes putting these cars on a lift for inspection inside, outside and underneath. We offer the judging in two levels; Division I and Division II. Cars must be pre-approved by Bob Perkins. Lifts provided by Titan Lifts

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For 2021 we will spotlight some of the most significant Corvettes ever built. Several notable race cars along with one-off's and rarities will be on display with an emphasis on the hottest and most unexpected C1's, C2's and C3's. You will see prime examples of the most sought after Corvettes of various years including several being shown for the very first time.  Sponsored by Corvette Mike and Corvette Mike Midwest


2021 Vintage Certification Presented by American Performance LLC - Hosted by Steve Shauger

We are proud to host our Vintage Certification Program for un-restored, original Muscle Cars and Corvettes. This program is designed to encourage owners to maintain their cars in original un-restored condition, as they left the factory. "Preservation, not Restoration" is the theme. Learn all about this outstanding program by clicking here: 

Lifts provided by Titan Lifts.  Sponsored by American Performance LLC


2021 Studebaker Legends Hosted by Ed George and the Studebaker Museum

You will never find a more dedicated group of enthusiasts than Ed George and his Studebaker friends. Ed returns to host a very special group of South Bends hottest, with an emphasis on the 60's supercharged models. This gathering continues to raise the bar for the high-performance Studebaker enthusiasts, and will certainly raise awareness of the many innovations that started long before what you may have thought. As always, this will be an entirely new group of these seldom shown cars that join us from across the country along with some neat interactive features.


2021 Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race Display Featuring Real Cars of the PSMCDR Group Hosted by Donnie Brass

We are pleased to announce the PSMCDR display will return with another all new group of cars. If you think that all the cars at our show are "Trailer Queens" you are in for a big surprise. See twelve of the fastest Muscle Cars that appear exactly as they left the assembly line....but with some rubber on the quarters! These show stoppers are used exactly as they were intended, and each is show ready. AMC, Buick, Chevy, Ford, Mopar, Oldsmobile and Mercury will all be represented.


2021 Nashnutz AMC Invitational Display Hosted by Rich Corsello and Ian Webb

The Nashnutz American group will again welcome an entirely new and fresh group of American Motors Muscle. You'll share in viewing rare and outstanding examples of AMC Muscle Cars, in a dealer/auto show themed display complete with some truly outstanding related memorabilia. This area has become one of the most popular features of the MCACN show!

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New, The Judges Chamber

When the Pontiac GTO Judge was introduced in 1969, people took notice. With a memorable advertising campaign (ala Here comes da Judge!) eye seering colors and an option list to envy, Pontiac was again making Muscle Car history. This very special display will host prime examples of 1969, '70 and '71 GTO Judges in both hardtop and convertible form. The Judges are among the most coveted Pontiac Muscle Machines ever built, so join us in commemorating these sought after machines.


REAL Day 2 Invitational- CARRIED OVER TO 2021

We once again will host a very special gathering of REAL Day2 Muscle Machines. These cars represent what it was really like back in the day, when new owners drove them off the showroom floor, immediately added headers, fat tires and mags, and a variety of other go-fast goodies. Not just cars with some aftermarket parts thrown on, these are prime examples that have stood the test of time. You will see Nickey’s, Yenkos, Baldwin-Motions, and various dealer-modified Super Cars along with some that the owners modified themselves. The common denomin’ator here is that these are actual cars from back in the day, not modern interpretations! You can also count on seeing some of the most outrageous paint jobs ever!

Barn Finds.jpg

We launched our Barn Find/Hidden Gems display, hosted by The Automotive Archeologist, Ryan Brutt, in 2012. It continues to be a huge hit, with 24 cars and a truck featured in 2016. Featuring "off the map" rare Muscle Cars and Corvettes fresh from the fields and barns, or maybe just packed away for years for one reason or another. Expect to see the rare and unusual in this area, with a whole new group of off the radar cars! Sponsored by Miller Car Care Stock Restorations & Restomods

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MCACN 2021 Butch Leal Pro Stock Duster 6

Pro Stock Legends Invitational

Hosted by Geoff Stunkard

We are pleased to announce we will be hosting a very special display of some of the most significant REAL Pro-Stock Drag Cars, with an emphasis on the 1971 race season. This gathering will have only documented real cars, absolutely no "Tributes" or "Clones". Several special guests will be joining us and we will host a seminar Saturday, moderated by Geoff Stunkard.


NEW!!  2021 Milestone Certification
Presented by MASCAR Classics

We are pleased to launch our new Milestone Certification program for select O.E.M. restored vehicles. This takes things to another level. To qualify, the restored cars must be restored entirely to original specs, using original and date code correct parts and build and paint techniques. Not for the faint of heart, point deductions will be taken for any reproduction parts, for base/clear paint and other non factory deviations. Pre-Qualification is mandatory and this will be strictly limited. A team of highly qualified marque specific experts will serve as our Judges and our Advisory Committee. Personalized Crystal awards along with numbered certificate will be presented, and a lifetime registry number will be assigned to qualified participants.

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2021 Muscle Cars & Muscle Bikes Presented by Koolestuff, Inc

This "show within a show" will return for your enjoyment. For many of us, it was bicycles that started the fever. A revolution began in June of 1963 with the introduction of the first Schwinn Stingray, and one by one, kids everywhere jumped on the bandwagon. 1968 brought the introduction of the Schwinn Krate bikes, along with Raleigh Choppers out of England, and bike companies everywhere started producing "Muscle bikes", inspired by Drag Racers and the hot cars of the era. Join us in celebrating these cool bikes and relive the memories. Register your Muscle Bike Here- Sponsored by Koolestuff.

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2021 Vintage Mini Bike Special Display Presented by Koolestuff, Inc

​Last year we added another fun "Show Within a Show" with a special display of Vintage Mini-Bikes. With the excellent response, we decided to continue the fun. You will see Honda Mini Trails and CT70's, Yamaha Mini Enduro's, ‘Lil Indian, Ruttman and Rupp Mini Bikes and others. If you own a Vintage Mini Bike, please consider showing it at with us. This is just for fun with no judging.

MCACN 2017 CSG Motorcycle Photo by Marc

2021 Vintage Motocross Special Display, Presented by Jeff Schwartz

We are pleased to present an incredible display of vintage MX motorcycles brought to you by Jeff Schwartz, 2017 Car Craft Pro Builder of the Year and past MCACN Living Legend award recipient. This display will feature “The Dirty Dozen” from various manufacturers including Maico, Bultaco, Yamaha and others. Jeff will again show an entirely different group of bikes this year!