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Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
5555 N. River Rd
Rosemont, IL. 60018

2016 SHOW HOURS ARE SATURDAY NOV 19, 2016 9AM - 9PM & SUNDAY NOV 20, 2016 9AM - 5PM


Photo Credit: Al Rogers Freeze Frame Image LLC





This is your opportunity to see some of the rarest and most sought after

Vintage Shelby automobiles ever built. Each and every one of them is real and fully documented! This will include several one-off's and prototypes.



Special Thanks to Tim Costello Images for photo contributions


Vintage Certification

Presented by American Performance LLC


Frank Badalson's American Performance LLC


We are proud to host our Vintage Certification Program for un-restored, original Muscle Cars and Corvettes. This program is designed to encourage owners to maintain their cars in original un-restored condition, as they left the factory. "Preservation, not Restoration" is the theme. Learn all about this outstanding program by clicking here;

Corvette Triple Diamond Showcase and Competition



Corvette Central Official Sponsor of the Triple Diamond Gallery


Featuring a historic walk through time with the country's finest restored and original Corvettes that have already achieved NCRS Top Flight AND Bloomington Gold status. Owners will compete for the coveted Triple Diamond award and certification, considered one of the industries most prestigious. Entrants will be joining us from across the country and Canada.



The Class of 1966 Invitational

Sponsored by NCM Insurance


National Corvette Museum Insurance


Featuring the absolute  “Top Dog”  1966 performance cars including early examples of the Dodge and Plymouth Hemi's. This display will feature prime examples from GM, Ford and Chrysler, along with a very special gathering of Boss 351 Mustangs.

Class of '71:  45th Anniversary Display





1971 is one of the hottest years for the Muscle Car, and marked the end of an era. The 426 Hemi and 440+6 engines were offered in various Mopars, Ford offered the 429 and a variety Small block screamers were also in the mix. This group will spotlight the hottest offerings from the Big Three and AMC.

Barn Finds/Hidden Gems

Hosted by Ryan Brutt, the Automotive Archeologist

We launched our Barn Find/Hidden Gems display, hosted by The Automotive Archeologist, Ryan Brutt, in 2012. It continues to be a huge hit, with 24

cars and a truck featured in 2014. Featuring "off the map" rare

Muscle Cars and Corvettes fresh from the fields and barns, or maybe just packed away for years for one reason or another. Expect to see

 the rare and unusual in this area, with a whole new group of off the radar cars!

Day 2; The REAL Thing



This group will spotlight real Day2 modified cars. The modifications you will see on these cars are authentic to the day, with two years of the

production year of the car. Featured will be cars from Nickey, Yenko,

Mr. Norm and Royal Pontiac along with owner modified cars that were done "back in the day" using all period correct parts and modifications.


Corvette Legends Invitational

Presented by Dr. Pete Gimenez


Corvette Legends Vettura Publishing



This special display will return with an entirely new group of special

Corvettes with an emphasis on the 1966 and 1971 model years, each representing the high point for Corvette performance and engineering.


Sponsored  by The Wellborn Muscle Car Museum


Wellborn Muscle Car Museum Offical Sponsor of the Class of 1971


This special group will feature Muscle Cars that were built with

factory option Sunroofs. Among the rarest and most sought

after Muscle Cars ever built, you will see prime examples from Dodge, Plymouth, Mercury and GM

Muscle Cars & Muscle Bikes

Sponsored by Koolestuff, Inc

This "show within a show" will return for 2016 for your enjoyment. For many of us, it was bicycles that started the fever. A revolution began in June of 1963 with the introduction of the first Schwinn Stingray, and one by one, kids everywhere jumped on the bandwagon. 1968 brought the introduction of the Schwinn Krate bikes, along with Raleigh Choppers out of England, and bike companies everywhere started producing "Muscle bikes", inspired by Drag Racers and the hot cars of the era. Join us in celebrating these cool bikes and relive the memories.

Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race Display

Featuring real cars of the PSMCDR group

We are pleased to announce the PSMCDR display will return with another all new group of cars. If you think that all the cars at our show are "Trailer Queens" you are in for a big surprise. See twelve of the fastest Muscle Cars that appear exactly as they left the assembly line....but with some rubber on the quarters! These show stoppers are used exactly as they were intended, and each is show ready. AMC, Buick, Chevy, Ford, Mopar, Oldsmobile and Mercury will all be represented.

Modern Muscle Special Collection

This section was launched last year to rave reviews. For 2016, we will

feature two blocks featuring Fords,  Mopars and GM modern muscle machines. Not for the typical shiny Camaro with nice wheels, this area will showcase the finest in tastefully modified examples of modern high horsepower automobiles.


BIG BLOCK First Generation Camaro Invitational


This special gathering will showcase some of the finest and rarest

examples of  1969 Chevrolet Camaro's with big-block power under the hood. The Camaro is one of the most popular Muscle Cars of all time

 and this group will spotlight the best of the best and the rarest of the rare.


Studebaker Legends

For the first time since the early 60's, you will see THREE Avanti's that set records at the Bonnevolle Salt Flats. These cars have never been together under one roof! In addition to that, we will host a variety of Supercharged Studebakers along with several notable Studebaker dignataries.

Mustang Boss 351 Invitational

We are pleased to follow up our Boss 429 Invitational (2014) and Boss 302 Invitational (2015) with this special gathering. We hope to gather all eleven colors of the Boss 351 this year and the display will include several original owners!


1963 Studebaker Avanti Ron Hall Bonneville Racer Owner: Luanna Hall- MCACN 2016 Studebaker Performance Display

If you have an idea for a special display or would like to help coordinate one, please contact Bob Ashton at



Courtney Hansen

Due to popular demand, we are pleased to announce Courtney Hansen of Overhaulin' and past host of the Spike TV Power Block will be returning to the MCACN show. Courtney will kick off activities with the Premiere Unveiling of the "lost" 1969 Pontiac Trans Am convertible at 9:45 Saturday morning and appearing both Saturday and Sunday.

Courtney Hansen

Bobby Unser

Legendary racer Bobby Unser will be joining us Sunday, November 20.  Meet Bobby and see his 1969 Pikes Peak Boss 429 powered Torino. Presented by The Brothers Collection and sYc SUNDAY ONLY

Bobby Unser Appearing Sunday Nov 18 at MCACN Sponsored by the Brothers Collection and sYc


Chuck Cantwell

As project engineer for the GT350 program, Chuck Cantwell was the driving force behind the design and production of the street and track-attacking R model., not to mention nearly everything Shelby Mustang related.  He was also a GT350R test driver and Shelby’s Project Engineer for the Mustang project- basically the father of the GT350. His “handle” is “Mr. GT350.”  Saturday and Sunday in the Cars of Carroll Shelby Invitational display.



Meet Charles and Trey Of Big Easy Motors., the New History Channel Television Show. Charles and Trey will be unveiling the "Color Chip Cuda" they built for Tim Wellborn. Appearing Saturday and Sunday.

Trey from Big Easy MotorsCharles from Big Easy Motors

Dennis Pittsenbarger

As host of the new Discovery show, Highway to Sell, Dennis is living his dream, traveling throughout the country talking about cars with some of the coolest people ever; Car Folks! Dennis will be serving as our Official "MC" and also hosting onsite interviews throughout the weekend on our Celebrity stage.

Dennis Pittsenbarger


Linda Vaughn


The First Lady of Motorsports will be signing her new book at

MCACN in 2016, presented by Car Tech Books.

Jim Luikins

Jim Luikens is known as one of the first people to sell High Performance parts through mail order. As the Performance Manager for Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Jim was in the middle of the action in the late 60's and early 70's. Jim will be presenting a special seminar Saturday with stories of what it was like "back in the day."

Jim Mattison


Jim is known world-wide for his Pontiac Historical Services, but he also played a key role in COPO programs and the ZL1 "back in the day." Jim will host several seminars this year, and will also share some great stories about his personal experiences with many interesting personalities.

Saturday & Sunday.

Jim Mattison

Additional Automotive Celebrity Appearances To be Announced.




Branden Hochstetler

Automotive Art by Branden


2015 Featured Artist: Dana Forrester

2014 Featured Artist David Snyder

2013 Featured Artist Michael Irvine

2012 Featured Artist Mary Watt Yeadon

2011 Featured Artist Steven Macy

2010 Featured Artist; Dan McCrary

2009 Featured Artist David Snyder


Bruce Shaw

Bruce Shaw, Esquire; Bruce is known nationwide for his expertise in legal matters pertaining to collectible cars. He will present a Collector Car Fraud Seminar. This covers unlawful and “gray area” transactions regarding sales and purchases of collector cars to the unwary. Subject areas include internet and auction problems, engine re-stamping, numbers matching, and fraudulent advertising. Do not miss this opportunity to be well informed! Saturday at 1:00.

Brian Styles along with several special guests; Why Only One? Did you see the Unveiling of The one and only 1967 Shelby GT500 convertible at our show back in 2011? Well, after the show, owners Samantha and Brian Styles continued their quest to fill in the blanks. "Why was only one built?" That question has been asked hundreds of times over the last three decades -- ever since the 1967 Shelby G.T. 500 Convertible was first discovered in the late 1970s by Jamie Ventrella. It was only in the last 18 months, that the question was finally put to rest -- not by further scrutiny of the car, but rather by stepping back and taking a closer look at the company that built the car. What's been discovered will surprise everyone that follows the hobby -- spoiler alert: the car was never a "prototype." Saturday at 2:00.

Jim Mattison

Jim Mattison; Jim has an entirely new seminar this year titled The Chevrolet COPO Program; Behind the Scenes. Many of you think of Jim as being the Pontiac guy, as owner of Pontiac Historical Services. Did you know he also spent years working with the Chevy COPO program? Here is your chance to learn from the source! Saturday at 3:00 and Sunday at Noon.


Rusty “Tires” Small; Inside look at collector car tires. If you know me, you know how much I despise Radial T/A’s on 60’s and early 70’s Muscle Cars. Sure...they are great tires for driving, but your E-Body Mopar, Boss 429 or Corvette L/88 should be on the proper Bias Ply tires. Learn all about what is available now in reproduction tires that will provide the proper look without sacrificing safety. You will also learn about dating vintage tires and how to see if those vintage tires that look good could be a real safety hazard. Saturday at 4:00.

Jim Luikens; An Inside Look at the 60’s/70’s Supercar Dealers. As Performance Manager of Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Jim was smack-dab in the middle of all of the action. Remember those cool magazine ads with the dashing young man in the Chevy jacket? Jim is that guy and he was one of the first to offer a full line of factory and aftermarket performance goodies right over the counter at a major dealership. As one of the most successful purveyors of High Performance, Jim will step back to those glory days with some great stories and insight...again, right from the source! Saturday at Noon and Sunday at 11:00.



Triple Diamond Corvette Gallery and Competition

Sponsored by CORVETTE Central

Corvette Central Official Sponsor of the Triple Diamond Gallery

Corvette Central Triple Diamond Award

See the finest restored and original Corvettes that have already achieved Bloomington Gold and NCRS Top Flight status. These are truly the “best of the best” in the Corvette world! Display is set up in chronological order to show the history of the Corvette featuring Corvettes from 1953-1993.

2016 PREMIER Unveilings

We are pleased to host "Unveilings"  of very notable Muscle Cars, all being shown for the very first time after extensive restorations, and uncovered for your exclusive viewing pleasure Saturday morning. Special Host; Dennis Pittsenbarger, Automotive Tomfoolery Expert




1. 9:30 AM
1969 Pontiac Trans Am convertible, Rick Mahoney, PA
1968 Pontiac RA II Firebird convertible, Rick Mahoney, PA

2. 9:45 AM  Presented by MCACN Official Sponsor Magnum Auto Restoration, Inc
1970 Dodge Charger RT/SE; Greg & Lori Steffes, MI

3. 10:00 AM Presented by MCACN Official Sponsor MASCAR
1970 Cougar Eliminator Boss 302; Stefano Bimbi, IL.
1971‘cuda 440+6; Scott Tedro, CA.
1971 442 W-30; Stefano Bimbi, IL

4. 10:30 AM Presented by MCACN Official Sponsor AMCRI
1967 Corvette 427/435, Owner, Mike Mancini, RI

5. 10:45 AM
1960 Ford Starliner, Owner; Nick Smith, FL.

6. 11:00 AM  Presented by MCACN Official Sponsor Apex Autosports
1968 426 Hemi Roadrunner, Owner; Darryl Wischnewski, FL

7. 11:15 AM
1969 Shelby GT-500, Tony King, OK

8. 11:30 AM
1971 GTO Judge Convertible, Owner; Dr. John Randall, IN.


9.11:45 AM
1971 Charger Super Bee; Owner; Michelle Dozeman, MI.

9. 12 Noon
1962 Impala Z11, Owner; Jim Mattison, MI.

10. 12:15 PM 
1967 Yenko 427 Camaro, Owners; The Brothers Collection, U.S.A.

11. 12:30 PM
1970 Charger RT-Plum Crazy, Owners; The Brothers Collection, U.S.A.
1970 Charger R/T-SE-B7 Blue, Owner; Bill Woessner, PA

12. 12:45 PM
1970 Chevelle SS LS6 convertible, Owner; John Hill, AZ




Boys and Toys Band

We are pleased to have Boys and Toys performing live Saturday night, kicking off at 6:15 pm. These guys know how to rock and have fun, playing many of your favorite songs from the 60's on to present day. C'mon out and rock with us!



Carmel Liburdi Musician

SUNDAY; Allow me to introduce you to Carmel Liburdi. Carmel is a singer/songwriter from the outskirts of Detroit, MI who is out to change the way we look at solo acoustic artists. Her unique blend of influences includes: jazz, punk, blues, ragtime, and folk and her music is full of rhythm, soul, and wit. Whether political or personal, Carmel's music has energy and humor that will lift your spirits and make you want to dance. Please plan on joining us Saturday in the Awards/Ballroom area, kicking of at 2:30 before the awards presentation. Everyone is welcome, whether you are a spectator or a participant. Check out for a preview!



Vintage Certification Program for Unrestored Original Muscle Cars

Sponsored by Frank Badalson's

Frank Badalson's American Performance LLC

We are proud to host our Vintage Certification Program for unrestored, original Muscle Cars and Corvettes. This program is designed to encourage owners to maintain their cars in original condition, as they left the factory. These cars are used to document build methods and other significant and historical features. We will be inspecting a variety of factory muscle cars and Corvettes.

See a variety of automotive related vendors offering goods and services. Join Shulteis Corvette,  Reliable Carriers, Inc.,  Hagerty Insurance, DFT Detailing, Motorbooks, CarTech and restoration specialists including American Muscle Car Restoration, Inc., Magnum Restorations, Apex AutoSports and others. Your chance to talk directly to the best nationally recognized service providers in the industry! 

This area is reserved for the finest collector cars offered directly by the owners. Cars must apply to be accepted in this very special gathering! Only a few more spots available!


Sell your Muscle Car or Corvette at our show. Deal directly with potential buyers. No commissions or buyer/seller fees! We have room for just 16-18 cars and all applicants must be approved in advance with photos and information to



Meet some of the very best nationally known automotive writers and expand your library with a personally signed copy of their latest releases.

Dr. Pete Gimenez: Dr. Pete will be signing his “Corvette Racing Legends, The Story of the L-88 Option Packages” book in our 1967 Corvette Legends Invitational display. Saturday and Sunday.

Corvette Legends Vettura Publishing

"Corvette Racing Legends" by Dr. Pete Gimenez


Rick Ybarra: "Boss 351, A Comprehensive Owners Guide and Story"

Rick Ybarra "Boss 351"

Celebrity Book Signings Presented by Motorbooks in 2015 - See the Book Mobile at the Show!

Colin Comer: Author of Million Dollar Muscle Cars and his beautiful book; The Complete Book of Shelby Automobiles; Cobras, Mustangs and Super Snakes. Saturday and Sunday.


The Complete Book of Shelby Automobiles; Cobras, Mustangs and Super Snakes


Randy Leffingwell: Randy has authored a wide variety of titles, including my personal favorite, "American Muscle" that told the story of the Otis Chandler Collection and a brand new offering featuring prime Muscle from The Brothers Collection. Randy will be joining us Saturday and Sunday."

"Top Muscle" by Randy Leffingwell


David Newhardt; Noted Author and Photographer David Newhardt has shot thousands of the finest collectible automobiles and has his work in many beautiful books.

"Art of the Muscle Car" By David Newhardt


Ryan Brutt: The "Automotive Archeologist" and host of our Barn Finds/Hidden Gems area will be signing his new book, Amazing Barn Finds and Hidden Relics.

Amazing Barn Finds by MCACN Barn Find Coordinator Ryan Brutt

Marty Schorr: Marty, noted author and historian, will be joining us to sign his latest book, Ford Total Performance along with many others.

Ford Total Performance


Tom Cotter: Tom has written all about his many adventures in various

"In The Barn" series of books along with several others.

"Barn Find Road Trip" by Tom Cotter


Celebrity Book Signings Presented by CarTech Books  in 2016 - See their booth at the show!


Scott Ross- The Definitive Barracuda and Challenger Guide 1970-1974

Barracuda & Challenger Guide 1970-1974


Steve Lehto: "Dodge Daytona and Plymouth Superbird: Design, Development, Production and Competition"

"Dodge Daytona and Plymouth Superbird" by Steve Lehto

Jim Schild:  "Sox and Martin: The Most Famous Team in Drag Racing"

"Sox and Martin- Most Famous Team in Drag Racing" by Jim Schild

Dale McIntosh - "Chevelle Data & ID Guide: 1964-1972"

"Chevelle- Data ID Guide 1964-1972"


Wes Eisenschenk - "Lost Muscle Cars: 45 Stories of Hunting the most elusive and valuable Muscle Cars"

"Lost Muscle Cars" by Wes Eisenschenk

Diego Rosenberg - "Selling the American Muscle Car: Marketing Detroit Iron in the 60s and 70s (The Mopar Cover Art if Finalized)"


"Selling the American Muscle Car" by Diego Rosenberg

Don Keefe- "Pontiac Concept & Show Cars"

Pontiac Concept & Show Cars by Don Keefe



Geoff Stunkard- "Landy's Dodges- The Mighty Mopars of Dandy Dick Landy"

Geoff Stunkard "Landy's Dodges"


Linda Vaughn-"Linda Vaughn, The First Lady of Motorsports"

The First Lady of Motorsports-Linda Vaughn


Hagerty Insurance

Operation Ignite; Presented by Hagerty Insurance

Kids get a behind the scenes peek and a chance to meet some of our participants, and then do some actual judging right at the show. Kids Pick awards will be presented to the participants of their choice.

Operation Ignite

MCACN is devoted to making this event for ALL of the family, so we have created a Kids Scavenger Hunt. Kids will get a special game card and map at the Info Booth so they can search for “clues” at our Sponsor booths and other show landmarks. When they complete the search and turn in their cards, they will be awarded free prizes. REMEMBER; Kids 12 and under always get in free!

Model Car "Make and Take"


This awesome feature allows kids to participate with a hands-on actual build, supervised by our staff. This is totally FREE and all participants get to take home the model car that they build right at the show. We encourage parents to bring the kids in and introduce them to the great hobby of model car building, which is where many of us started. Located in the center Hall B.