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2014 Hot Rod Limited Edition Nickey Camaro HRPR #1


Nickey Chicago

2014 Hot Rod Limited Edition Nickey Camaro HRPR #1

2014 MCACN Participant


Nickey Registry

We always like to show off specific cars that will be at, or that have been at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals show, and the car above is certainly one of them. But in this case, if you are hitting the highways to join the Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour, you will see one of the hottest offerings from MCACN Sponsor Nickey. Introduced at the 2014 Power Tour kick-off at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in Charlotte, North Carolina , this new Gen 5 Camaro takes a great car and makes it even better, both visually and performance-wise. Hot Rod magazine and Todd Wenzel Chevrolet teamed up with Nickey Chicago, Inc. and they will be building just 67 Hot Rod Magazine Limited Edition Camaro’s, each to customers specs to commemorate Hot Rod magazines 67 years on the newsstands.

Nickey Chicago Hot Rod Camaro

Using the tried and true Nickey formula, you will be able to have your Hot Rod Magazine Nickey Camaro built to Option I level with 475 horsepower, Option II SE level with a supercharged 550 horsepower drivetrain, Option III level with a whopping 575 horsepower, or the outrageous Option IV level with an LS7 427 with 620 horsepower, all running on standard 93 octane pump gas, with a full two year 24,000 mile limited warranty! You can have yours built from either the hot 1LE package car or the 1SS or 2SS in either coupe or convertible form. Have it built exactly the way you want it, and own a true “1 of 67” Limited Edition Modern Muscle Machine! Of course, you will also see one of these at the MCACN show in November, but in the meantime, you can have yours built so that you can enjoy it before our show. To learn more about the new Hot Rod Magazine Nickey Camaro, call Nickey Hi-Performance Manager Denny Barker at 616-204-6066 and be sure to check it out at the Power Tour.

Nickey Chicago Hot Rod Camaro