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Sneak Peek 2012 Show*


Dru Diesner

1969 Yenko 427 Super Camaro

2012 MCACN Yenko "Meet the Mean Ones" Sponsored by Carlisle Events

This is a huge weekend for car people no matter where you are. In my neighborhood, we have the Woodward Dream Cruise which draws thousands of cars. Out on the west coast, Monterey is the place to be, with the Mecum Auction underway as we speak with several MCACN members spreading the word. For me, I’ll be headed to Joliet, Illinois, where the Super Car Reunion 15 will be taking place! So with Woodward only minutes away, why would I go to SCR? Well...pull that chair up to the screen and let me tell you!

15 years ago, the Clary family launched the Super Car Reunion that takes the rarest of the rare out of the trailers and puts them (literally) on the track. If you think that cars like (real) Yenko Camaro’s and Deuces and original ZL1 427 Camaro’s are only trailer queens or show pieces, guess again! At the Super Car Reunion, owners not only run them, many actually use them for exactly what they were built for; high performance drag racing! Among the cars and people there you will see many past MCACN participants and many that are joining us this year. Here are a few examples; remember the original owner hugger orange ZL1 Camaro from our big ZL1 display last year owned by Ken Barnhart? Well, see it in all its wheels-up glory! Ken is not afraid to do exactly what he bought it for in the first place...and what he has used it for since it was brand spankin’ new! And then there is our Day2 Team Leader Dru Diesner. Dru is the proud owner of another hugger orange Camaro; a real 1969 Yenko 427 Camaro! If Dru’s quarters aren’t packed with rubber by the end of the day, something is wrong! Nothing is better than seeing Dru line up next to another MCACN participant, Pete Girling, who also isn’t afraid to run his real-deal ‘69 Yenko 427 Camaro, and run it hard. And if you like seeing some modern muscle, be sure to see Nickey Chicago Hi-Performance Manager Denny Barker show what a real burnout looks like! Then we have the owner of the cool “Blackjack” Gen 5 Nickey Super Camaro, Emilio Chiapetta who loves nothing better than blasting down the quarter!

And speaking of the Clary family, you will see the whole family mixing it up; sYc founder Tom Clary, will be running his Yenko Deuce, while son Rob Clary will be running his daytona yellow ‘69 Yenko 427 Camaro and son John Clary will be running a Nickey Chicago built matching Yenko 427 Gen 5 Camaro, which is actually Tom’s wife Diane’s car! It simply doesn’t get any better. Tom and Diane’s grandkids will also be there having some fun. Oh....and speaking of families, we are expecting to see the Morocco family, including Junior Dragster pilots Cole and Dominic, who are our hosts for the Kids Scavenger hunt which will return for MCACN 2012. For more information on the Super Car Reunion, check out this release from the track; We look forward to seeing you there. BTW; I will be accepting registrations for MCACN IV, so if you haven’t signed up for the show and plan to, let’s get you handled!
While we are on the subject of Yenko’s, Nickeys and other Day2 cars, we want to mention that we just launched a new page on our website devoted to our exclusive Day2 Concours. Being the trendsetter in this area of our hobby, which is one of the fastest growing and most popular aspects of our show, we want to make sure everyone knows exactly what a real Day2 car is.
Well, wherever your travels take you this week, be sure to be safe and also,
please help us spread the word by telling a friend about our show!
Bob Ashton
Managing Member
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