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Sneak Peek  2015 MCACN*

1965 Pontiac Beaumont Acadian , Owned by Joe & Susie Lizon. MCACN 2015 L79 Invitation Display

1965 Pontiac Beaumont Acadian L79
L79 Invitational Display
Owners; Joe and Susie Lizon, Michigan

Everyone who is reading this is certainly familiar with the fabled Chevy 409 engine, which is credited as being the start of something really big in the Muscle Car world. Let’s face it...if there wasn’t a 409, (or the 348 ahead of it!) we would never have seen a 427! And then we have the outrageous 454 LS6’s, with a highly under-rated 425 horsepower rating for the Corvette in ‘71 and massive 450 horsepower for the Chevelle and El Camino in 1970. Well...we will be featuring Chevelles and El Camino’s that left the assembly line with these awesome power-plants this year in a very special Invitational display, and another that will spotlight the 409 cars, but there is yet another special Invitational display that we are very excited about.
Back in 1965, things were really heating up, and Chevrolet introduced the big block 396, (which you’ll see in our special Z16 Chevelle feature!) and the lesser known, but no less impressive L79. In ‘65 and ‘66, this high winding small block was offered in the Corvette and in ‘66-68, those in the know could also order one in the Chevelle and El Camino, and even the much lighter weight Chevy II’s in ‘66. These 327 cubic inch engines are indeed small block screamers! If you have ever heard an L79 wind up, you know what I’m talking about. We are very pleased to announce we have an incredible lineup of L79 powered Corvettes, Chevy II’s, Chevelles and even an El Camino, and to make things even more fun and interesting, we have a pair of Canadian Pontiac L79 Beaumont Acadians! Seeing one of these is a treat any time, but when you can see two of the less than 20 that were built in that is really something. This pair is owned by a husband and wife, and let me just say, they know these north of the border cars inside and out. Be sure to make a point of talking to Mr. and Mrs. Lizon at the show. Oh...and one other thing; one of our unveilings this year will be in this display, as a beautiful black L79 Chevy II is being restored as this is being written in preparation for the Premier Unveiling Saturday morning, November 21.


Unveiling Car for the 2015 MCACN Show: Owned by Howard Kohlbrenner

Unveiling Car for 2015 MCACN Presented by Howard Kohlbrenner/Tom Migut

So in case you were wondering, it is going to be a great year at MCACN for Chevy and Corvette enthusiasts. And for the Mopar enthusiasts...and if you like Fords, AMC’s, Buick’s, Pontiacs, Mercury’s, Oldsmobiles and even Studebakers, we have the bases covered. Yep...this is going to be another incredible year for the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals! More about the other 10 unveilings and wide variety of special features and Invitational displays in the coming weeks. We work hard at offering a well balanced mixed make show for your viewing pleasure!

Mecum Harrisburg Auction

MECUM HARRISBURG IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! There is no doubt that our Official Title Sponsor, The Mecum Auction team never rests. This week they are returning to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where they are running over 1000 vehicles across the block. And let’s not forget the variety of Road Art, motorcycles and boats, as there is always some unexpected treasures mixed in with all that muscle! If you can make it to Harrisburg, you are guaranteed to have a blast and if you can’t, be sure to sign up for the FREE Mecum Infonet to catch the auction in real-time. They will also be covering parts of the auction on NBC-Sports, so go to for the exact schedule and the full lineup of offerings.
Thanks go out to those of you who responded to my call for certain cars last week. I was able to fill some gaps, but still hope to fill a few more. We have a few more spots for Gassers along with Barn Finds and Hidden Gems and as always, prime American Muscle and the best of the best Corvettes. We also have some openings in our Corvette Central Triple Diamond Gallery and competition, so get off the couch and let’s lock things up! We are now sold out of Commercial A space in the “big” room, (Thanks!!) so if you are a vendor and want to be a part of The Best Muscle Car show on the Planet (Muscle Car Review magazine) sign up now. We do have some openings in the center and back rooms for Commercial B for automotive (only!) related goods and services, and these spots are just $200 per 10 x 12’. To apply for these spots, click Here

Mopar Nationals 2015

Next week we head to The Mopar Nationals near Columbus, Ohio at National Trail Raceway. Every year I come back with some awesome entries, and I am sure I will again, as I already have appointments with several contenders. I will be accepting apps at our spot which is right on the end of Row Zero on the main aisle, across from the Information booth. Look for the MCACN banners!
The Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals is the world’s largest all indoor specialty show devoted to Muscle Cars, Dealer-built Supercars and the finest and rarest Corvettes. We will again fill nearly 400,000 square feet of exhibit space in the beautiful Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, (suburban Chicago), Illinois, in the shadow of the Chicago O’Hare Airport. Saturday Nov 21, 2015 from 9 AM-9 PM and Sunday Nov 22, from 9 AM till 5 PM. For full information including direct links for special rates and perks at our FIVE Official Host hotels, Click Here.
Thanks and enjoy that sunshine!
Bob Ashton
Managing Member