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Sneak Peek 2012 Show*

Larry Peterson

 Joe Anglin
1969 427 Yenko Chevelle
MCACN 2012 "Meet the Mean Ones" Yenko Memorial Display

With the continued success of the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, the most common question is “how are you going to top this next year?” Well...with the continued support of some of the greatest and most enthusiastic car people in the hobby, we are gearing up to do exactly that! We have already announced our “Class of ‘62” and “Class of 1972” Anniversary displays, our Aero Warriors, Shelby Snakepit IV, Trans Am Terrors, Bee Hive, “Going Topless” and of course our Corvette Central Triple Diamond display and competition, so the stage has been set. The response to every one of these displays, along with the rest of our show, is unprecedented.
Today we want to tell you about our latest development. This is one that will certainly set a new standard and again, could set the stage to be the largest gathering ever under one roof, much like our ZL1 gathering and our ‘71 Hemi Cuda convertible display last year, and our incredible gathering of Hurst cars two years ago. Drumroll please.....
Larry Peterson
Sometimes a great idea starts as simple “car talk” between a few guys. A few weeks ago, Joe Swezey and Brian Henderson of Supercar Workshop in Latrobe, PA. were talking cars, (most likely over the hood of a Yenko Camaro!) when Joe mentioned that it has been 25 years since the passing of Don Yenko. (May 27, 1927- March 5, 1987). Wow....has it really been that long? He went on to say, “wouldn’t it be great to put together a group of cars and the people who played a key role in his life, his racing, his successes and to really acknowledge all of his contributions?” Well...that is exactly how it all started. Soon after, Brian called me and asked if there was any way we could do this, and really do it right, at the upcoming MCACN show. Needless to say, the answer was a resounding YES!

Calls were made and e-mails were sent to key collectors to see who may be onboard. One of the first calls went out to Dr. Lynn Yenko Zoioppulos, Don’s daughter, to see if she would agree to join us to share some stories and memories from “back in the day.” We are honored to say, Lynn will indeed be joining us at MCACN November 17-18! Next up is Yenko memorabilia collector extraordinaire Joe Barr. For those who don’t know, Joe has an absolutely mind-blowing collection of Yenko related memorabilia and incredible knowledge of Yenko history. Joe is on board and has agreed to share many pieces from his extensive collection. Of course, a tribute to Don Yenko wouldn’t be complete without a variety of real-deal documented Yenko Super Cars, now would it? Yenko Stinger? check. 67 Yenko 427 Super Camaro? check. ‘68 and ‘69 Yenko Super Camaro’s? Check-check! And what about the ultra rare ‘69 Yenko 427 Chevelle, of which a mere 99 were built? Not only a check, but check-check, with a white one AND an orange one! Yenko Deuce; another checkeroo! Suffice it to say, the response has been overwhelming, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Tom Clary 1969 Yenko 427 Nova
The Yenko Supercars website,, launched by Tom Clary and the Clary family, has served as the ultimate gathering place for so many of us into Yenko Supercars and all Dealer-built Supercars, and more recently, all things Muscle Car related, and has brought together countless collectors and enthusiasts. Many of us have formed real friendships on this site, with our shared passion for these great cars and the people who put them on the map. The MCACN team would like to say Thanks to the Clary Family for launching and keeping this site alive for so many years, allowing us all to partake in our passion. We would also like to thank MCACN Member Charley Lillard, who recently took over the reigns of the site. I am pleased to say that this gathering will be presented by the website and the Supercar Registry along with members of the Yenko Family, Super Car Workshop, Muscle Car Restoration and Design, Arone Restoration, Author Dr. Pete Giminez, the Joe Barr Memorabilia Collection and the many owners of these Legendary Automobiles who will be joining us.
If you are the owner or know of a Yenko Super Car, Race Car, Yenko sold Muscle Car, restored or unrestored, or any related memorabilia, we would like to extend a personal invitation to you to join us. If you are a past Yenko employee or a Yenko enthusiast, be sure to make it a point to join us when the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals returns to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, (greater Chicago), Illinois. We would also love to meet some original owners and hear your stories.
Dru Diesner at the track with his Yenko!
We have already received commitments for more than 30 authentic Yenko Super Cars. We are committed to making this not only the largest, but more importantly, the absolute best tribute to a Legendary man and his Legendary automobiles. Just for a moment, imagine the lineup that will be gathered under one roof in the Chicago area, in honor of the man who certainly is one of the primary forces behind the instant recognition of the cars we all know today as “Super Cars.”
If you would like to be a part of this historical display, with a car or cars, or related memorabilia, please e-mail Bob Ashton at or call 586-549-5291, or call Brian Henderson at 724-875-3546 or e-mail
Thanks and Please Have a Safe Memorial Day Holiday with Family and Friends and be sure to Thank those Who Have Served, or are Currently Serving in our Military.
Bob Ashton
Managing Member

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