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Sneak Peek  2015 MCACN*

Steve Hodges 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T 426 Hemi  F.A.S.T. Special Display Participant

Steve Hodges, Kansas
1971 Dodge Challenger R/T 426 Hemi
F.A.S.T. Special Display Participant

A few weeks back we talked about the awesome media coverage we have been receiving in various print magazines. Being tagged “The Pebble Beach of muscle cars” by Muscle Car Review, along with “The best muscle car show on the planet” certainly makes us feel good about what we do, and seeing so many of our participants getting recognized is icing on the cake. In addition to the many features on the show, (over 70 and counting), there have been countless individual car features that have come together after editors and photographers found cars at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals show. If you are looking to get your car in print, the MCACN show is the place to be!
Today we want to tell you about another great source of recognition we have been getting. Each year, the amount of online coverage of the MCACN show expands. Google “MCACN” or Chicago Muscle Car show” and you will find page after page of cars shot at our show. There are way too many to list here, although we will have a summary list when we revise our website, so this week we will share some that are my personal favorites;
Hot Rod Network; Our good friends Arvid Svendson, Diego Rosenberg and Geoff Stunkard have all contributed here, with a long list of feature articles on the MCACN show. Click on this link to read about last years Color My World Invitational, but then do a search for many more MCACN features.
No Limits Magazine Wild About Cars; Eric White gets it. With an understanding of what our show is all about, Eric has joined us for several years now and brings in some great coverage. You’ll find some of the unexpected treasures in his coverage, and after you see 2014, do a search to see his coverage of our earlier shows. Click Here to see 2014 Coverage.
Legendary Collector Cars; Here you get a real inside peek, since Richard and Katrina Fleener, who put this site together, have also been participants several times, including last year with their freshly restored ‘69 Dodge Daytona. Again, scroll through their site, as they have multiple MCACN stories posted!
Mustang 360’ Rob Kinnan was recently named the editor of Mustang Monthly magazine, and he flew in from California to cover the show. In fact...he assigned Al Rogers to shoot for a cover and feature of our show for Mustang Monthly, which just hit the stands! But this is about online coverage, so take a look at Rob’s coverage of some of the Mustangs at the show on the cool Mustang 360’ website;
NBC Sports Network; Yep...the real NBC Sports Network also gave us some ink! Let me quote; There are cool events – and then there are waaaayyyyy cool events, and that’s what’s going to take place at the upcoming Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals. Gotta love it! See what they had to say about our Real Pace cars display here;
Car Guy Chronicles; Here we have another good friend of MCACN, noted historian and author Marty Schorr, checking in with his coverage. See what Marty had to say about our Corvette L/88 Invitational display here, then scope out the rest of the site for even more coverage.
Drag Racing Online; Like your muscle with a bit more, well...muscle? Then check out the coverage of the drag cars from the 2014 MCACN show, again from Geoff Stunkard. This shows yet another aspect of what we are all about. With over 550 cars on the show floor, this shows some unexpected treasures from the MCACN 2014 show!
So this is just a sampling of some of the coverage you will find online. I also recommend searching YouTube, as there are a ton of video’s there, both professional and amateur, that will certainly give you a good idea of what we do, or will allow you to relive some memories of being at the show. We are working on corralling all of the online coverage, which is quite a task, so that we can add links to our website in the future. With that being said, be sure to also watch our facebook page, as I add an update nearly every day, with an emphasis on showing cars that have signed up for our upcoming 2015 show. Oh...and one more thing; please remember to “like” our facebook page and “share” our posts. This is one of the best ways to help us spread the word about what we do!
The Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals is the world’s largest all indoor specialty show devoted to Muscle Cars, Dealer-built Supercars and the finest and rarest Corvettes. The show will take place at the beautiful Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, (suburban Chicago), Illinois, Saturday, November 21, from 9 am – 9 pm and Sunday, November 22, from 9 am – 5 pm. Title Sponsor; Mecum Auctions, Presenting Sponsor; Bill Stasek Chevrolet.
Thanks Again for the continued enthusiasm and support!
Bob Ashton
Managing Member