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MCACN 2016 Sneak Peek*


1987 Buick Turbo T-Type
2016 MCACN Modern Muscle Participant
Owned by Jake Dykstra, 16 Years Old!



Many of you know that I am one of the fortunate few that has a son that may be just as passionate about the old cars we love as I am. To make things even better, Ian’s son Rob who is three, (my grandson) seems to be following in his footsteps, as he loves anything that has wheels! Of course the regular personal deliveries of Hot Wheels cars from “Poppa Bob” may have played a part in the influence. But then, a lot of kids quickly loose interest and head in other directions. It may be hard to predict the future, but I don’t see that happening. You see, I also have several Granddaughters that are a few years older, and you can bet that spending quality time on the floor surrounded by 1/64th cars building car shows is a regular activity. In fact, Emily, who is now seven, even showed her very own Muscle Bicycle in the MCACN show last year.


3 Generations

And so that brings me to this weeks subject; family participation at the MCACN show. Last week I was checking out the website when I saw a post about a family that has been participating with us since our inception. You may have seen (Grandpa) Jake Dykstra’s beautiful blue ‘62 Impala in our 409 display last year, or perhaps the younger Jake (Dad) with his equally impressive ‘72 Chevelle that was in our Class of ‘72 display a few years ago. Well, when Jake (Dad) showed the Chevelle, he asked if it would be OK for his son, (also Jake), to show his 1972 Schwinn Stingray bike alongside it. Of course I agreed, and that was the first time the younger Jake, who was about twelve at the time, became an officially registered participant. Fast forward to 2016...

Being an all around car family, Grandpa Jake agreed that he would keep his T-Type Regal that he purchased new and thoroughly enjoyed, for the day that the youngest Jake came of driving age. Middle Jake had fond memories of the Turbo powered Buick, which included a few trips to the strip, where they clicked off some impressive 13 second times! Apparently, young Jake took notice and as he approached that 16th birthday, talks turned to a certain T-Type that was safely tucked in Dad’s garage. The rest as they say, is history, as young Jake now holds the keys to Grandpa Jakes T-type! Of course, when I read about this, I knew it was time to reach out to the Dykstra family and extend a personal invitation. I mean seriously, what is cooler than having three generations together to share in the passion we all have for this hobby. Of course, I know, because that is exactly what I am able to do.


Modern Muscle 2015 Photo Credit Tim Costello

Modern Muscle 2015- Photo Credit Tim Costello

Last year we introduced our new Modern Muscle section, which was clearly a hit. With three separate blocks of cars, we ended up with 14 GM cars, 14 Mopars and 11 Fords. Of course, the quality was outstanding and the diversity was just plain fun. And to make it even better, we were able to play host to some owners that are significantly younger than our usual entrants, and the best part is that the level of enthusiasm was off the hook. Seeing the Mopar guys mixing it up with the GM guys, Ford guys scoping out the 600+ horsepower Cadillac CTS-V and nearly all drooling on the new COPO Camaro was very rewarding. And most importantly, everyone was having fun. And I saw plenty of us “old guys” sharing stories from back in the day with the young guys...and girls! We are proud to say we are geared up and ready to host this very special section again, and you will see sixteen year old Jake and his T-Type right at the head of the GM block. Make a point of checking it out and welcoming the youngest Jake to the show. I am sure he would love to share some stories about quality time spent in the Impala, the Chevelle and the T-Type!


Taylor Timmerman Recipient of the Pro Arc Electrical Shining Star Award

Taylor Timmerman Recipient of the ProArc Shining Star Award 2015

We always have a variety of family friendly activities at the MCACN show for both participants and spectators. Over the next few months, we will tell you more about them. We also have some very special awards specifically for our younger participants that really own and maintain their cars. The Shining Star awards, Sponsored by ProArc, are presented to car owner/participants that are under the age of 25. Four awards will be presented; generally for an Outstanding GM product, an Outstanding Ford, an Outstanding Mopar and a fourth Wild Card award as chosen by Stacy and Dominic Rossi, owners of ProArc. 2015 award winners were Cody Ingrassia with his ‘68 Dart, his brother Preston Ingrassia with his ‘75 Bricklin, Kyle Zelle with his ‘70 Mustang and Taylor Timmerman with her ‘70 Duster. Congrats Lady and Gentlemen, and Special Thanks go out to the ProArc crew for being our Official Sponsor of the Shining Star awards.

If you have a prime example of Modern Muscle from the years 1980 to present, please consider joining us for our Modern Muscle area. With just 39 spots available, this area will certainly be one of the first to be full/sold out. Click here to submit your application now.

CAR & BICYCLE ENTRY; We are now accepting applications for prime examples of American Muscle of all years. You can submit your application by clicking here.  For Muscle Bicycles, enter here.

VENDOR UPDATE; Same Space applications are due April 1st. After the 1st, prime spaces are filled on a first paid basis. If you would like to join us as a vendor this year, (automotive related only!) please submit your application here. Floor placement is based on when we receive your payment, so don’t hesitate. Absolutely no spaces are held without payment.

The Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals is the world’s largest all indoor specialty show devoted to Muscle Cars, Dealer-built Supercars and the finest and rarest Corvettes. We will again fill nearly 400,000 square feet of exhibit space at the beautiful Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, (suburban Chicago), Illinois, just minutes from Chicago’s O’Hare airport.

With sincere appreciation for your continued support!

Bob Ashton
Managing Member