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MCACN 2016 Sneak Peek*

1967 Chevelle Ss Owned by Bill Wente for the 2016 MCACN Real Day 2 Invitational Display


1967 Chevelle SS
Owned by Bill Wente, Iowa
2016 MCACN Real Day 2 Invitational Participant


Here at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals we like to be trend setters. Recognizing the increased enthusiasm over Real Day 2 cars, we launched our exclusive judging categories, recognizing the cars that have period correct modifications, but have been restored or preserved to Concours level standards. Our Day 2 Concours categories recognize that if you purchased your 1967 Yenko or Nickey Super Camaro back in the day, it did not leave the assembly line with that 427 under the hood, which would incur major point deductions under regular Stock Concours judging standards. Since nowadays, these Supercars are among the most sought after and valuable examples of American Muscle ever built, we recognized the need for Concours level standards for authentic Day 2 cars. We also acknowledge the non dealer modified examples. These are the cars that have somehow survived with their period correct modifications, or have been restored to as they were using period correct parts.


Bill Wente 1967 Chevelle SS for 2016 MCACN Real Day 2 Invitational Display

Bill Wente 1967 Chevelle SS- Photo from June 1969
The primary difference between the Day 2 Concours standards and our Modified categories lies within the dating of the parts and when the actual modifications were performed. In other words, if it is a 1969 car and it has Radial T/A’s and an electronic ignition, that won’t work in Day 2. Part numbers, date codes and authenticity is checked. No modern brakes, electronics or other “current” mods are allowed in Day 2, but they are welcomed in our Modified categories. Here is the bottom line difference;
Concours Day 2 Judged Vehicles: Vehicles are judged on a 1,000 point scale with no deductions taken for period correct accessories and modifications, including era correct drive-train and wheel and/or tire swaps. Note; deviations from stock must be deemed “period correct.” This is not a class for clones or tributes. VIN must match car being presented.
Modified Judged Vehicles: Vehicles are judged on a 1,000 point scale with no deductions for deviations from stock. Overall attention to cleanliness and detail inside and outside along with panel fit and finish is considered.
Stock cars desiring a less intense form of judging can also be judged in this this class.


Bill Wente 1967 Chevelle SS 2016 MCACN Real Day 2 Invitational Display

Bill with his car back in the day...

The MCACN show is the first to formally acknowledge and properly judge these cars. Our Day 2 Judging team, led by Day 2 Team Leader Dru Diesner, is intimately familiar with not only Dealer-built Supercars, but also 60’s, 70’s and 80’s vintage speed and aftermarket parts. They know the difference between modern day parts and the real thing! We are very proud to say this is one of the fastest growing and most popular parts of our show, and we see increased interest every year.

Day 2 Concours Award- Photo Credit Gary Gerstner

ANNOUNCING NEW REAL DAY 2 INVITATIONAL DISPLAY; With that being said, we are pleased to announce our first official Real Day 2 Invitational Display. This special gathering will spotlight not only the Nickey, Mr. Norm’s, Royal and Yenko cars, but also the cars that were modified shortly after the owners took delivery. Let’s face it...stock wheels and tires rarely stayed on, and if you didn’t add air shocks, an 8-track player and headers, well, you just weren’t happenin! If you own a prime example of a REAL Day 2 car, like the one shown above, please consider joining us. If it happens to be an unrestored and period perfect original, but has a few bumps and bruises from being used as it was intended, that is fine. Of course if it is restored to perfection exactly as it left the showroom floor with period correct mods, we welcome that also. Cars in this very special display do not need to be judged, but rest assured, if you do choose to have it judged, our Concours Day 2 judging criteria is appropriate, and we have spent countless hours making sure it suits these vehicles. And of course, a Day 2 Concours award and certificate earned from the MCACN show certainly adds credibility (and value) to your car!

Bill Braun MCACN Judging Supervisor

Bill Braun MCACN Judging Supervisor -Working Hard at MCACN

We are very proud of our Judging team, led by Judging Supervisor Bill Braun. Bill has assembled a team that includes many nationally acknowledged marque experts. All of our judges have many years of experience and they know the cars they are judging. This means that if you enter a Hemi ‘cuda, it is judged by a Mopar expert and if you enter a GTO, it is judged by a Pontiac expert. We also have an incredible team of onsite consultants which is made up of many of the most respected experts and restorers in the country. This group includes Frank Badalson, Scott Tiemann, Steven Minore, Bob Perkins and many more. And of course, our Corvette judging group consists of a true “dream team” made up of numerous folks with impressive resumes, many with years of NCRS and Bloomington Gold judging experience.

Zach Straits accepting Gold Day 2 Award for Nick Smith at MCACN 2015 with Kelly Molnar

Kelly and Zach at MCACN 2015 Awards- Photo Credit: Tim Costello

If you own a REAL Day 2 car and would like to be a part of this very special gathering, please e-mail me at Please send pictures and most importantly, the history and story of your car. I am sure that this will be one of the wildest and most fun special displays we have ever done, sure to rekindle all kinds of stories and memories, so bring ‘em on!

We are now accepting applications for Cars, Muscle Bicycles and automotive (only) vendors. Vehicle Registration prices will increase after June, 1 2016, so be sure to register early!

Please plan on joining us for our 8th Annual event, when we return to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, (suburban Chicago), Illinois. The show will take place Saturday, November 19, from 9 am – 9 pm, and Sunday, November 20, from 9 am – 5 pm. We have lined up FIVE Official Host hotels, all offering special pricing and perks for our participants and spectators. Click here for full hotel information and direct booking links.  Title Sponsor; Mecum Auctions, Presenting Sponsor; Bill Stasek Chevrolet.
REMINDER TO OUR 2015 VENDORS; Same Space vendor spot reservations must be received by 4-1-2016. Any spaces not pre-reserved after 4-1-16 will be assigned on a first paid basis.
Thanks, and let the countdown to decent weather begin!

Bob Ashton
Managing Member