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Saturday Nov 23..  9 AM-9PM     Sunday Nov 24..  9AM-5PM


Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
5555 N. River Rd
Rosemont, IL. 60018

 MCACN Awards 2011

Picks, Memorium, Display, Carlisle & Triple Aces


Celebrity Picks:

Norm Kraus Pick:

Mike Pietrincho 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A

Mark Stielow Pick: 

Colin Comer  1966 Cobra

Marty Schorr Pic:

 Carol Curry 1955 Chevy Handyman 210

Dennis Pittsenbarger Pick:

Tim Wellborn 1971 Plymouth GTX

Tony De Lorenzo Pick: 

Ed Foss 1964 Chevrolet Corvette

John Gunnell Pick: 

Wayne & Donna Holous 1961 Buick Electra 225

Jim Matteson Pick:

John & Kathy Wright 1965 Pontiac GTO Convertible

Wally Booth Pick:

Bruce Milyard 1962 Chevrolet Corvette

Jerry Heasely Pick:

John & Danette Grafelman 1971 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler

Steven Macy Pick:

Jerry Papesh 1961 Pontiac Ventura

Rescue 1 Fire Safety for Kids Pick:

Don Hutson 1970 Buick Gran Sport

Al Rogers Pick:

Russ & Janet Van Camp 1967 GTO Convertible

Jim Luikins Pick:

Randy Frank 1971 Pontiac GTO Judge

Dr Pete Giminez Pick:

Guy Larsen 1971 Chevrolet Corvette

Colin Comer Pick:

Steven Juliano Dodge Diamante

Cana Comer Pick:

Bob Rubens 1971 Dodge Challenger

Don Keefe Pick:

Jim Crawford 1963 Pontiac Catalina 421 SD

Frank Pope of Pick: 

Corvette Mike 1967 Corvette "King Ray"

Mopar Collectors Guide Pick:

Tom Abrams 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A




Sponsor Picks:


Nickey Chicago Pick:

 Len Grimsley 1964 Plymouth Belvidere

Bill Stasek Chevrolet Pick:

 Bruce & Toni Milyard 1962 Chevrolet Corvette

Mr. Norms Garage Pick:

Ken Mosier 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner

Reliable Carriers Pick:

 Marcia & Richard Larabee 1967 Pontiac 2+2 Convertible

Mecum Auctions Pick:

 The Stahl Collection 1948 Tucker Torpedo

The Finer Details Pick:

 The Collection 1971 Cuda Convertible

Corvette Central:

 Ernest Mogenson 1965 Chevrolet Corvette

Keisler Engineering Pick:

 John & Danette Grafelman 1969 Ford Shinoda Prototype Boss 302

Muscle Car Restoration & Design Pick:

 The Stahl Collection 1948 Tucker Torpedo

MidAmerica Motorworks Pick:

Dan McMichael 1970 Baldwin Motion Maco Corvette

D & M Corvette Specialists Pick:

 Dave VanAlystine 1961 Corvette

Muscle Car Designs Pick:

 Lud Renner 1968 Baldwin Motion Camaro

Wellborn Muscle Car Museum Pick:

Steven Juliano 1970 Dodge Diamante


Hagerty Insurance Pick:

 Kevin Callahan 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge Convertible


Dave Snyder CarArt "Eye Candy" Award

Ken Nagel 1960 Chrysler 300 F

Carlisle Events Ford Pick:

Kirt Fryer 1971 Mercury Cougar CJ 429 Convertible

Carlisle Events Mopar Pick:

 Randy Nickason 1969 1/2 Plymouth Roadrunner

Carlisle Events Chevy Pick:

 Emilio Chiappettia 2010 Chevy Nickey Black Jack Camaro

Carlisle Events Corvette Pick:

 Diane & Greg Haliday (NZ) with Ralph Ridge 1958 Chevy Corvette

Cars Inc Pick:

 Travis Reist 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

Heartland Lifts Pick:

 Ricky Greer 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner Hemi



Club Picks:


Thunder Road Club Pick:

 Martin Sampson 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe

Midwest Gassers Club Pick:

Dave VanAlystine 1961 Corvette

Chicagoland Mopar Connection Club Pick:

 Tom Abrams 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A

AMC Ya Club Pick:

Lee & Susan Pearl 1970 Oldsmobile 442

Midwest SS Mafia Club Pick:

 Matt Geiser 1955 Cadillac

Bad Bowties Club Pick:

 Dan McMichael 1970 Maco Corvette


In Memorium Awards:


Ed Gardner Memorial Award:

 Jamie Jarvis 1955 Chevy 210 Gasser "Pure and Simple"

Doug Warren Memorial Award:

 Jim McMillan 1967 Chevy Camaro SS Convertible

Ron Spahr Memorial Award:

 (awarded to MCACN Staff Member in Memory of Ron Spahr)

 Mike D'Alessio



Other Awards:


Best Display:

Bruce Milyard 1962 Corvette


Outstanding Display:

John Kryta

1969 Pontiac GTO Judge


Outstanding Display

Wade Ogle and Aster Lau

1970 Pontiac GTO


Outstanding Display

Robert Lanting

1971 Chevrolet Chevelle SS


Outstanding Display

Carol Curry

1955 Chevrolet Handyman 210


Best Club Participation:

Thunder Road Club



Triple Aces: (Participated in Fred Gibb Memorial Show , Supercar Reunion and  2011 MCACN)


Angelica Leal 2002 Chevrolet Camaro SS

 Margarito Soto 2002 Camaro



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