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2015 MCACN Hemi E Body Convertible Display Sponsored by The Brothers Collection and sYc


2015 MCACN Hemi E Body Convertible Invitational Display

Sponsored by The Brothers Collection and sYc

Photo Credit :Tim Costello Images

It has been over a month already, but memories of the 7th Annual Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals show are still fresh in our minds. I am sure that we added several new chapters when it comes to Muscle Car and Corvette history. In fact...I even literally wrote a book!

Of course, the centerpiece and certainly one of the most talked about features was our 1970 and ‘71 426 Hemi ‘cuda Convertible and 1970 Challenger R/T 426 Hemi Convertible Invitational display. In the works for two years, we played host to an incredible group that included 27 of the 42 that originally left the assembly line. There has never been more than 5-6 in one place, (ever) so this one indeed goes down in history!


Buick Display 2015 MCACN Photo Credit Geoff Stunkard

Photo Credit : Geoff Stunkard for Car Craft Magazine


The two Richard Petty cars up front were a hit, and Buick fans flipped when they saw the circle of eight 1970 G.S. Stage 1 convertibles along with the 3-speed drop-top, a group larger then ever shown in one place. Perhaps you are a Corvette fan? Well we know Corvette enthusiasts went home happy after seeing FIVE of the finest 1968 and 1969 L/88’s along with the awesome Corvette Legends display, featuring some truly significant ‘65 and ‘70 Corvettes, sponsored by Dr. Pete Gimenez. And of course our Corvette Central Triple Diamond display and competition was a hit, with one of our largest fields of C1-C4 Corvettes ever. This was the first year that each and every contestant went home with the coveted Triple Diamond crystal and certification, which truly shows the level of commitment and passion our participants have. Congrats go out to all of our winners.


Phil Bonner Thunderbolt Unveiling MCACN 2015- Photo Credit Tim Costello Images

Photo Credit - Tim Costello Images


Ford fans had plenty to see, with two very significant drag cars unveiled, kicking things off with the recently found Phil Bonner Thunderbolt. In the middle of the show floor we uncovered the one of two ‘65 Fairlane factory drag cars that joined us from Texas. Tom Marcucci stole the spotlight when he uncovered his early Boss 429 Mustang, a true black beauty that was across from the incredible group of Boss 302's put together by Bob Perkins and Rick Campbell. And speaking of unveilings, we certainly left our mark in the Mopar community! The Last Hemi Charger R/T, the only known 440+6 barrel 1972 Roadrunner/GTX, (complete with a factory sunroof!), and a show-stopping ‘71  InViolet Hemi ‘cuda were each unveiled by Official MCACN Sponsors, Apex Autosports, Magnum Restorations and American Muscle Car Restorations, Inc. and then we had the “surprise” unveiling of the original owner Challenger R/T convertible. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place and clearly, the owner was indeed totally taken by surprise. And speaking of surprises, what about the In Violet ‘70 Hemi ‘cuda convertible presented by the Blake family out of Phoenix? If you read the book, In Search of the Holy Grail, you know the story, and to say there were some surprised people in the building when they saw that this car was finally back out after nearly thirty years of hibernation is again a major understatement.


MCACN Unveilings 2015 Photo Credit Tim Costello Images

Photo Credit Tim Costello Images


Pontiac enthusiasts loved the ultra rare Ram Air IV ‘69 Firebird shown for the very first time by The Brothers Collection. Of course, we didn’t leave out the Chevy loyal when it comes to unveilings, and once again, significant was the name of the game. Uncovered for the very first time was a 1968 Yenko 427 Super Camaro and the highest known option ‘69 Camaro RS Z/28, amazingly both in eye catching Rally Green, and another black beauty, the stunning Chevy II that was featured in our L79 Invitational display that certainly raised the bar for first gen Chevy II’s. And to make it even better, the MASCAR crew out of California, one of our newest Official Sponsors, brought out three 1970 Yenko Deuces, uncovering their Cranberry Red stunner Saturday morning for the very first time.


MASCAR Javelin 2015 MCACN- Photo Credit MASCAR

Photo Credit : MASCAR

But wait....that isn’t the only car the MASCAR team uncovered! After years of inviting a very significant collector to join us, the MASCAR team made it happen by presenting his 1970 Trans Am Javelin, certainly looking better than new. And then, adding our lovely Co-hosts Courtney Hansen and Kelly, who joined us from Texas, to our Official Unveilings, certainly made host Dennis Pittsenbargers job a lot more fun! And that is just the unveilings. We had well over 550 show cars in the building and this covers a small portion of them. We could go on and on, but suffice it to say no matter what make or model you like best, we had something for you. Barn finds? Check! Studebaker? Check! Race cars? Check! Gassers? Yepper! Muscle Trucks? Check! 409’s, Z16’s and LS6’s; You bet! And what about the cool Post Sedan, Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Race and F.A.S.T. displays? Checkeroo!

Dont forget about our Anniversary displays, featuring the years 1965 and 1970. They were  both a hit with plenty of true rarities proudly on display, including several with the original owners. And if you were in the market to expand your collection, we know of several great cars that sold at the show. If you saw what was in the VIP Car Corral area, you know we really raised the bar over there. Among the offerings; Hemi and 440+6 Mopars, a gorgeous C2 Corvette, a truly one-off ‘68 Camaro SS, a beautiful 409 Bel Air and not just one, but TWO Dodge Daytona’s, one recently restored 426 Hemi and one true Day2 440 4-speed; Whew!! And again, no matter what brand you like best, you had to be totally blown away by the Mecum Auctions display, which showcased a variety of examples of "Monumental Muscle" that will cross the block in a few weeks at their huge Kissimmee, Florida auction. Hats off to our Official Title Sponsor, and best of luck in 2016!

Muscle Bikes at MCACN 2015 Sponsored by Koolestuff

I often use the term “raise the bar” when I talk about the show and this year, I truly believe we achieved that goal. Our vendors share my passion and we were pleased to have a return rate of over 80% of all automotive related vendors. And the new vendors that joined us again helped us achieve our goal. No head-set hawkers or resort agencies here! Also returning due to popular demand was our Muscle Bicycle display, Sponsored by Koolestuff, which was bigger and better than ever. Just plain old fun for all ages in that area!
It is hard to condense the highlights of the show in one e-mail, so I’ll just say we proudly presented our finest show to date, and we have been getting rave reviews. Online feedback has been tremendous (thanks!) and the YouTube videos and facebook posts are helping us spread the word. Please make a point of checking out our Official Video’s on YouTube that the V8TV team has already started posting, and watch for more over the coming weeks, along with additional special segments that are being developed now by Dennis Pittsenbarger and his team. We are also anxiously awaiting the Legendary Motorcars TV show featuring MCACN that you will see in the spring. Although I had a blast being followed by the camera man, Vicki may not share my enthusiasm! Not to isn’t “that” kind of show! lol

MCACN 2016: So every year we are faced with the same question; “How will you top it?” Well, I am here to say the entire MCACN team is committed to doing exactly that. Remember the Yenko display or perhaps the Hurst display? What about the gatherings of ZL1’s, Boss 429’s, Aero Warriors or ‘69 Trans Am convertibles? Well, each year was history in the making, much like the Hemi E-Body convertible display we played host to this year, and our commitment to making more history continues. I will say that we have been working on a very special gathering of some of Carroll Shelby’s most significant cars. In addition to the country’s finest and rarest GT-500 Shelby Mustangs, you’ll see some of the most significant Cobra’s and GT40’s ever shown together under one roof. Of course...if you own one of these amazing machines, we would love to talk to you. Additional special displays will feature Factory Sunroof cars, Boss 351 Mustangs and of course our Anniversary displays which will be the “Class of 1966” and the “Class of ‘71.” Additional special invitational displays will be announced, and as always, if you would like to join us to help coordinate or host something special, let me know asap at Returning special gatherings will include a fresh, (or perhaps not so fresh) Barn Finds/Hidden Gems display, our Triple Diamond and Corvette Legends displays, our Vintage Certification area and our always hot Muscle Bicycles display. If you own a significant car that may be a fit for any of these special displays, please send pictures, information and the history to me asap. As you know, we want only the best of the best and the rarest of the rare in real, documented examples with an emphasis on first time or rarely shown cars. Online registration is open for cars and vendors.

We can not express enough how much we appreciate the continued support and participation of our fine Official Sponsors. Without a doubt, we could not do this without their support, especially in light of this years lousy Saturday weather. Please make an effort to do business with them whenever possible, as we all need to support those who truly participate and support what we all love. We also want to take this opportunity to thank our many participants, whether with a car, a bicycle or as a vendor. YOU are what make our show what it is, which as far as I’m concerned is the best show in the world! Heartfelt thanks from me to you...


IN SEARCH OF THE HOLY GRAIL BOOK: The response to our book In Search of the Holy Grail has been very humbling. We offered just 200 copies of the book at $100.00 each. This 72 page hardcover book chronicles the stories of all 27 of the 426 Hemi ‘cuda and 426 Hemi Challenger R/T convertibles that we played host to at the MCACN show. This is not a technical book with facts and figures, as we know that type of information is readily available. What you will find are stories, many directly from the owners, of these incredibly significant examples of the most desirable American Muscle Cars ever built. If you ever wanted to know who bought these cars when they were new and what the history is, this is the book for you. Plenty of easy to read information that has never been published along with some awesome photos, many directly from the personal collections of the owners, again, never before seen. We have a limited amount of books remaining and when they are gone, they are gone! Sure to be a collectors item, you can order yours now by clicking here;
So this is the latest from the MCACN team. We all wish you and your family and friends a safe and prosperous New Year. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions as we strive to continue to “raise the bar” and our commitment continues.
With sincere appreciation!
Bob Ashton
Managing Member